Top 10 Free Vegetable Gardening Hacks

In this video I show you 10 Free Vegetable Gardening Hacks. There are many things around the house not intended for gardening but work just as good as expensive garden products you buy in the store.

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Free Garden Center Plants:

Table of Contents
00:18 – Toilet paper/paper towel tubes
01:05 – DIY slug control
01:32 – Garden uses for plastic bottles
02:27 – DIY plant tags
02:56 – How to space out small seeds
03:22 – “Bulk seeds” from the grocery store
03:43 – Pea trellises or pea stakes
04:01 – Use old sponges to maintain moisture in containers
04:19 – Put volunteer plants to work
04:38 – DIY anti fungal for plant cuttings
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