Stripping Herbs with a Herb Zip Tool

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I just started using a herb zip tool, Stripping Herbs with a Herb Zip Tool works better than a knife and is faster than hand-stripping.

My kitchen is small and so I can’t use my food processor for a lot of things (it’s too big to store). For a long time, I was hand-stripping basil and other delicate herbs, like sage, because it was easier to wash one cutting board than to drag out my processor.

Then I saw someone do it with a zip tool on TV (I think it was Jamie Oliver) and tried it myself. You don’t need the fancy expensive kind, any will work. And the herb blades are great, but you need the flat ones too.

I have a herb stripper and I use it every time I cook with herbs.

The thing is that I use it with a zip tool because it’s much easier to work with the zip tool than with the herb stripper.

I’ve read this tip somewhere, but don’t remember where exactly. I didn’t believe it would be any better than using the herb stripper until I tried it. It’s really much easier, especially if you have to take the leaves off from a bunch of herbs.

I just wanted to share this tip, because it may help someone else like me who had never tried it before and was skeptical that it would be any easier with a zip tool. They can be a bit fiddly getting all the pieces out of the holes sometimes, but they do save work and makes herb stripping more enjoyable.

If you have a lot of herbs to strip at one time, and you want to get your hands dirty, try stripping herbs with a herb zip tool.

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