Is Freeze Drying Better than Canning Food?

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Is freeze drying better than canning food?  I would say it depends. Die-hard home canners are not going to give up the time honored practice of canning in favor of a new-fangled gadget. At least not right away. A lot of the art of canning involves ‘secret family recipes’, skills born of long practice, and great investment in what is practically a lifestyle. However, there are reasons why having some sort of freeze drying tech on hand in the home may be advisable.  This goes for folks who can at home as well. The greatest advantage of freeze drying food is that such preserved food can be stored for over three years – which is the upper storage time limit for most canned food.

Is canning a Thing of the Past?
Freeze drying food has been around for a long time. In fact, it’s 114 years old. The process, technical name lyophilization, was invented by Jacques-Arsene d’Arsonval in 1906. Freeze drying basically consists of freezing food, usually with water, but other ‘solvents’ have been used. The food is rapidly frozen, which avoids the formation of large ice pieces. Then the ice is turned directly to a gas, (bypassing the water stage), by subjecting the food to low pressure. This process is called ‘sublimation’.  The food is thereby dehydrated. Freeze drying food reportedly results in a better tasting, and looking final product. The process is complex and can be expensive however.

Now, freeze drying technology is available to individuals and families.  Freeze dryers for home use are a relatively new way to preserve food, and improvements are sure to be developed, but for now, the process involves some attention to detail by the user.

Harvest Right is one of the early adaptors in providing freeze drying technology to consumers. Their freeze dryers are engineered and hand assembled in America in their manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Is freeze drying better than canning food?

With rumors of food shortages on the rise, along with some signs of an economic downturn, freeze drying food may not be a bad idea. Even if your pantry or root cellar is full of canned foods and smoked meats, having an additional food storage capability may be prudent in the face of uncertain times.

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