How to Make a Mask Out of a Paper Towel

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Hi, this is Dr. Yang. I will show you how to make a mask out of a paper towel. If you’re able to make a simple paper airplane like this one, you should be able to make this face mask.

This mask is made out primarily out of a simple paper towel and you’ll be able to make this quickly and easily. Something you can do if you need to go to the store but don’t have any store-bought masks for some reason.

A mask is not very useful if you don’t wear it properly. In order to wear a mask properly. You need to cover both the nose in the mouth. Anything that expels out of your nose and mouth has to be covered. So with a structured, facemask, it sort of has a hexagon shape and it sort of holds this dome shape. That creates a little cup over your nose and mouth. Do you know how you turn a flat paper towel into a bowl? You need that kind of structure. So that’s where the paper comes in.

I’ll show you the proper way to wear this facemask. You have the two ends. The folded end is on the inside, and this strip is on the outside. Hold it up against your lips. Put over your ears, keep the top open. This falls right at the bottom. When you do that, this area gets longer and this area gets shorter, so it creates this sort of bowl shape.

You press it up against your nose and it forms fits. The strip presses up against your chin It doesn’t have to wrap under the chin. But if there’s a little bit of compression here, it’s not a perfect seal. You know it definitely covers the nose and mouth well. So this should be enough as a non-medical face covering in order to catch any accidental sprays from droplets from a cough or a sneeze. Or in case you touch a doorknob or shake someone’s hand which you shouldn’t do, which has droplets. If you know you’re not supposed to touch your nose, mouth, or nose.

This mask is not an N95 mask, it won’t stop aerosols. Get an N95 mask if you want the best protection against Covid-19 or the flu.

We are constantly touching our faces too much. Some studies say that we touch our faces between five up to 28 times an hour. So imagine all those times that you potentially put yourself at risk. You may not have droplets with the coronavirus every time, but you know one of those times that one out of those 28 times that you touch your face and nose in the mouth area. That might be the one. So this is why wearing something is better than nothing. this is just how to make an “emergency mask”… maybe because you ran out of masks and need to go into a store to get new ones. So now you know the DIY trick about how to make a mask out of a paper towel. I hope you found it helpful.

how to make a mask out of a paper towel

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