How to Grout Repair – DIY Grout

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How to grout repair – DIY grout. The tile looks to be about 14-15 years old, we are going to repair this grout just to stabilize the tiles, We don’t want to have to replace all tiles or all the grout, I’m just going to do some repair to last until we are ready to do a full renovation. I just get a little bit of cold water, not too much, because we don’t need a lot of it. I am going to use a spoon.

I am going to mix a big amount. I just use a drill with a bucket, but this one just mixes it up. I am used to spooning, this one is dry. I’m not going to touch the water with it, otherwise, the grout would get wet and get hard the one on the box yeah. We just look for the consistency that we’ll be able to fill in the gaps. We need to do it a kind of soft that way it would do penetrate a little bit better between the gaps

I’m not pushing very hard because it is soft, is just going, I’m just going firm on it. Just make sure we have it inside there and then we clean as much as we can for now. We will wait a little bit until it gets hard. Then we’ll come back again and clean it making sure we have it all clean and nice. For now, I just make it smooth. I come back later and once it is hardened I come back later and clean. It really good and just use a sponge, for now, so this is just to clean up the excess. Its a just a quick repair, not a whole lot to it and then once it’s a little bit hard, I come back and clean up. The mess around this around is very easy to clean. Once this part is hard enough, I will come back with a wet sponge and clean it out, and it will look like new


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