How to Can Mandarin Oranges – Canning Cuties

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Mandarin oranges are great anytime, but they offer a special tangy treat and festive aroma during thanksgiving. Their high acidy qualifies them for water bath canning. Mandarins offer some variety to table and pantry. They contain healthy amounts of vitamin C. Oranges can be a welcome addition to food supplies for long term storage.

In addition to vitamin C, Mandarins contain magnesium, potassium, and copper. They are sweet however, and do contain about 7 grams of carbs per fruit.  A fun fact about mandarin oranges is that they are not really oranges.  Mandarins are an entirely different fruit species – called Citrus sinensis. 

Canning Mandarin Oranges
We don’t go out, except to go back and forth to work and to stop at the grocery stores. We don’t eat out at all. We are doing a lot of cooking. As a result of this pandemic you know how quickly our food supplies were disrupted to the point where, in this country we saw empty shelves in grocery store like we have not seen for generations.

Would we get tired of eating the food items that we have put away? I have a lot of grains, in addition a store of canned food. Is there a good mix there, enough vitamins and minerals?

Winter is coming, which is citrus season,  we are wanting to try canning cuties and I know you can buy mandarin oranges canned in the collects. So i looked in the USDA guidelines journal and sure enough. There is a recipe canning citrus. So we bought some nice mandarin cuties. These little mandarin oranges are like juicy vitamin c tablets to be sure. So check out the video of our mandarin orange canning session. Please enjoy it and think about and learn how to can mandarin oranges for long-term food storage.

Orange Marmalade Recipe for Canning

Jams and jellies are a thanksgiving holiday favorite. So here’s a quick orange marmalade canning recipe just in time for thanksgiving.


Orange Marmalade Recipe

canning mandarin oranges

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