Harmony: Shakuntali Helps to Find and Keep It

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Harmony is such an abstract word, and, on the other hand, it is the key to everything. Without even realizing it, we seek harmony in every aspect of our life. Our everyday existence depends on how much harmony we feel inside. Shakuntali, the Enlightened Woman, is ready to give us the way to eternal harmony.


Ancient Secret
Shamans keep many secrets of the human being, and Shakuntali is not an exception. She is the reincarnation of the Ukok princess and a temple priestess. Shakuntali possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities.
Shakuntali’s life goal is to help women all around the world to stay healthy, become happier and return back their natural Power that is deluged with contemporary routine life.
One of the aspects of these achievements is to stay in harmony with yourself and with the outer world.

Shakuntali suggests you 4 main ways of getting a blissful state of harmony:

Be present.
Whenever you are, always be all there. Shakuntali highlights that it is very important to be present by every cell of your body, mind and soul in the place you are at the moment. That is why try not to think about your sweet home when being at work and do not anticipate your office papers when resting at home. Even washing your dinner plates, do it with great, sincere pleasure and think nothing but washing.

Self-harmony is prior to everything.
No matter how fine everything is around you, you may feel depression and frustration inside. And the truth is that if you have no balance inside, you will not attain it with others. Shakuntali always advises you to develop your self-consciousness by means of yoga or other practices you like. Being in peace with yourself will tune all your life in good vibes.
You also can try writing. Accustom yourself to write down your thoughts and feelings. Practice it every day, and you will feel how peaceful and full of energy you become.

Improve your relationships with people.
Your energy level and feeling of harmony depend tremendously on your relationships with others. If you waste much energy on settling down conflicts and inner annoyance, you are lack of harmony.

Shakuntali recommends that her students would always listen to people. People always appreciate it and unconsciously adore the interlocutors with the skill of listening. It is also a great ability that has to be trained, though – non-criticism. We all tend to judge others at some point, and the great skill is to accept people just as they are, without any assumptions and bias. This will surely improve your relationships with all people that you meet in your life and will give you a sense of harmony inside.

Live your own life, do not try to be the person you are not.
Shakuntali was lucky enough to discover her predestination in her early childhood. From then on, she was steering her way knowing who she really was and what she must strive for. Nowadays, it is a very rare case. Our true self is hidden under the layers of prejudices, senses of guilt, duty and just misconceptions. It would be fair to say that finding your predestination is the most important task of your life and should go prior to any task, as it influences everything in your life in the end. It is great if you find the mission of your life in your childhood, but it is never too late! There are dozens of examples among Shakuntali’s students aged 40+ who find their predestination and change their lives dramatically. Being in despair and seeing no way out, or just having everything fine but feeling unexplainable discomfort inside, they finally discover the true self and their goals they can achieve. And this turns them into the happiest state of their life. Visit Shakuntali’s page for the stories of people who changed their lives, and for the schedule of Shakuntali’s workshops and seminars. Undergoing these workshops and getting precious ancient shaman knowledge, you will attain your true self. Your life and the life of your whole family will improve, the peace, love and health will come to you.


Your harmony is waiting for you
Sometimes it is just necessary to look at your life differently, and you will find out something that is hidden from your sight. Finding your inner balance is the key to true harmony and, thus, to your happiness in this life. Good luck in finding such a balance to become living your true life!

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