Germinating Tomato Seeds FAST – No More Failed Seeds!

In this video, we share our technique for germinating tomato seeds. There are countless methods for planting tomatoes from seed, but this has been our fail-proof method for years. We’ll cover when to sow the seeds, how deep to plant them, what size container to use, and common questions about germination.

Planting tomato seeds is super easy, but there are some important factors to understand. For the best results, you’ll want the ideal temperature, planting media, and moisture level for quick, reliable sprouting.

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Germinating Tomato Seeds Fast – Planting Tips

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Supplies Used (affiliate links):

Seed cells:

Propagation trays/humidity domes:

Seed starter mix:

Heating mat:

Grow lights:

Best Grow Lights For Pepper Plants – Indoor Grow Lights

Cracking tomatoes:

Cloning tomato plants:

Seed starting tips:

0:00 Intro
0:51 Supplies
2:20 How to plant tomato seeds
5:42 Tips after planting tomatoes
7:25 How long for tomato seeds to sprout?
7:46 What to do after tomatoes sprout

Common questions:
9:31 Do you have to use seed starter mix for tomatoes?
10:02 When do you plant tomato seeds?
10:57 Can you use seeds from a fresh tomato?

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