Garage Door Repair – Which Part of Your System is Broken?

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Garage door opener tech is changing rapidly. This is true with the development of smart connectivity options, quieter doors, and a variety of new motor drives. Garage door opener technology can, for practical reasons, be thought of as 3 connected technologies that have been a part of any automatic garage door system for decades.

Garage Door Repair
Which of the 3 systems in your modern garage door is broken?

When addressing a problem in your home system, it would be useful to localize the problem by finding which part of the whole system is most likely at fault. The basic parts of a typical garage door opener system are the mechanical system, the remote control system, and the system of electrical and electronic controls.

3 parts of a typical garage door opener system

The remote system – the wireless switch device you carry with you and the associated receiver circuits on the mechanical unit. This could take different forms, especially today with new ‘smart garage door’ options. If your remote does not open the garage door, but the electrical switch on your home does – then you can suspect the remote system to be the problem. Garage door remote system problems are some of the most-searched-for issues when garage door owners are looking for solutions online. Remember that a new remote actuator device may need to go through a setup procedure with your current system. Keep a spare set of batteries for your remote and keep them charged.

The mechanical system – the many parts that do the actual physical work of opening or closing your garage door. The mechanical system includes electric motors, drive and counterbalance systems, actuators, belts, and gears. You can avoid any mechanical problems by keeping the mechanical system clean and well-oiled. Always use a lubricant that is recommended by your system manufacturer.

The electric and electronic controls system – is the set of switches, sensors, controllers, and safety devices that work together with the whole system for proper functioning. This is inclusive of your home electrical service. Some of these could stop your garage door from working altogether. Blocked photosensors are a common but easily fixable control system problem, you can fix those yourself!. Once again, cleanliness is important for maintaining the system. Just doing a bit of preventive maintenance and avoid future issues.

Knowing which part of your garage door system is probably causing the problem can help you decide which step to take next and potentially save considerable time.

Here are the top 10 reasons garage doors usually fail.

Know when you need help

So your garage door opener system is not working and you have checked everything. You have tried a few simple fixes without a solution, so now it’s probably time to call an experienced service provider. When speaking with a technician, having a clear idea about your problem will help with your current system or if you are curious about any of the newest garage door opener technology.


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