Fruit Fly Trap DIY Will Stop Fruit Flies In Your House Overnight

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Fruit Fly Trap DIY Keep Your Home Produce-Friendly

Fruit fly trap DIY. Today I’m going to show you how to stop a fruit fly invasion in your home. That is so common this time of year If you’re. Like me, you probably have a spot on the end of your counter somewhere that you dedicate to keeping fresh produce that doesn’t do well in the fridge. I keep my fresh fruits and vegetables from the grocery store all year on the side of my counter here. However, during this time of year, it gets filled up with fresh tomatoes from the garden. Sometimes it’s almost overflowing when I’m in the heart of tomato season. Here on the southeastern coast of North Carolina in mid-June most of the year.

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Summer brings fruit fly invasion to kitchen counters due to the natural reproductive cycle

I don’t have any problems with fruits and vegetables.I store it on my kitchen counter, But like clockwork in the heart of the growing season. It is just a matter of time before we get some kind of large horrible fruit fly invasion and I wake up to fruit flies around this area. That happens for a very specific reason. Most of the year. It’S just too cold to sustain the natural fruit fly life cycle of laying and hatching eggs. But in the summer, because it’s so hot that fruit fly, the reproductive cycle gets fired into overdrive and they start reproducing and hatching like crazy By this time of year, many of the tomato plants that I grew back in late March are rather dead and since the heavy rains have moved in, I have a lot of split fruits that are decomposing Around those rotting fruits. It is normal to see fruit flies buzzing everywhere and feasting, While yard tomatoes are extremely tasty. They are far from perfect.

Fruit Flies Thrive in Cracked and Blemished Fruits.

They often have all kinds of little cracks and blemishes on them, and they are the perfect places for these fruit flies to lay their eggs.

Quick and Easy Solution to Eliminate Fruit Flies in Your Kitchen

It’s just a matter of time until you bring in some fruits from your yard that have fruit fly eggs in them and one day you will wake up to find that they have hatched and there will be fruit flies everywhere When these fruit flies take over your Kitchen, it can be extremely bothersome, but thankfully it’s just as easy to eliminate them as it is for them to have their initial takeover of your kitchen, and you only need three ingredients: some meal soap, a nice fruit-based, vinegar of your choice and a shot glass. Now the first thing we’re going to do is take all of the vulnerable fruits off the counter since we don’t want the fruit flies to lay and nest in them and keep reproducing So we’re going to temporarily move all of our vulnerable fruits to a paper bag And then, once they’re moved we’re going to scrunch up that bag, so no fruit flies can enter Unaffected, produce can still stay up there. I still have my zucchini and avocados up there.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies with Fruit-Based Vinegar and Dish Soap

If you have something like a watermelon that fruit flies cannot get into, you can leave it there. You only need to remove the soft vulnerable fruits that fruit flies love. Now we are going to fill our shot glass to the rim with fruit-based vinegar. It is essential to use fruit-based vinegar because fruit flies are attracted to the natural sugars in fruits. You cannot use distilled vinegar.I have had a lot of success with balsamic, vinegar, red wine, vinegar or apple cider, and vinegar, and I recommend that you use one of those. You can use more expensive vinegar, like cherry, vinegar, and pomegranate vinegar, but it is unnecessary. Red wine vinegar is usually the least expensive, so that is usually my go-to. You will notice that I filled the shot glass close to the rim, but not entirely to the edge. This is because I need to add a drop or two of dish: soap to the shot glass. This is for a specific reason. Water has a significant amount of surface tension which allows bugs to walk on it.


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