Container Gardening Tomatoes and Other Vegetables

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Container gardening tomatoes and other veggies

It is amazing how many tomatoes will grow in a large container over a single summer. Tomatoes are probably the most popular vegetable for growing in a container, but many vegetables do well, (see list). Anyone can have good success growing tomatoes in pots without a whole lot of effort. All you need is an appropriate container, some potting soil, an optional bit of soil, and perhaps a 1- inch layer of small rocks or pebbles for the bottom – for drainage.

When selecting veggies to plant in containers, start with rooted seedlings, and also make sure that your climate has enough long and warm summer-ish days for the required time for the vegetable to mature. Containers can range from 5-gallon plastic buckets to clay pots. Wood containers look charming when growing veggies, but you can certainly discover an abundance of optimal-size containers of all types that aren’t expensive – especially if you are not concerned about how ‘stylish’ they are.

Pick a pot that is huge enough to hold the plant at its fully grown size by envisioning that the plant needs as much room for the roots as it requires over the soil. Interior plants in containers with bottom water drainage openings can be set on plant trays to avoid constant leaking.

Specialized strawberry planters and pots have pockets on the sides where growth can expand as well as trail downward without touching the ground. As their name suggests, strawberry pots are excellent for growing strawberries but they can work with other fruits and vegetables.

Most squashes call for a lot of space and a fairly large container. Its perfect growing conditions include lots of light, great soil, along with regular watering and also feeding. ‘ Honeybear’ is a prize-winning smaller variety of acorn squash, and there are even little pumpkins you can try. Summer squash and zucchini will grow well in containers. These plants do get huge yet don’t create lengthy vines like winter months squash, which is better matched to growing in the ground or raised beds.

I have actually been expanding potatoes, tomatoes, and also kale in fabric bags for several years with admirable success. You can also grow vining vegetables, like peas and pole beans in containers when you add a simple trellis. It looks wonderful and is strong sufficient to hold the weight of climbing vegetables.

After a long time, you may observe that your plants will start outgrowing the potting mix. This is a natural response to unfavorable conditions as the plant will certainly start trying to find comfy locations to put more roots. However, you should prepare to repot your plants to larger containers with a better soil mix eventually.

At midsummer, you’ll probably need to water at the very least one a day. This is usually one of the most high-maintenance and critical elements of growing in containers. plants that do well in containers.

List of vegetables that do well in containers

Tomatoes – the classic container vegetable
peppers of all kinds (hot, or mild)
salad greens

There are other vegetables that do well in pots, you may find your own favorites. Other plants that you may want to find room in your container garden for are berries of all kinds, flowers, and succulents.


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