Canning Pears Using The Water Bath Method

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Canning pears using the water bath method is suitable for this popular, relatively high acid fruit. Pears are excellent for canning as long as they are not overly ripe – which can lead to a rather mushy end product. Select local, organic, firm, not fully ripe, but nevertheless sweet pears for the best results with the water bath method. Always be sure to follow proper canning technique and canning safety guidelines when canning any fruits or vegetables.

Pears make it through the canning process better than many other fruits due to the fact that more of the color, flavor, and texture remain unchanged. Although pears are usually canned in simple syrup, it is also safe to can them in juice or perhaps even plain water. The canning liquid is a flavoring aspect, not a safety consideration.

There are 2 basic ways to pack pears for the canning process: the hot pack technique and the raw pack technique. Here the raw pack method is used. Some prefer hot packing. The hot pack method lowers the possibility of drifting fruit and general discoloration.  Raw-packing is said to be more suitable for fruits processed via pressure canning. However, the cold pack method can be used and is a bit easier. The method used is up to the the cook and people have their individual preferences.

Pick firm, unblemished pears for canning. It is best to use pears that are slightly underripe, though not entirely hard. Pears that are too ripe are more likely to drift in the containers and contain less acid. The pear’s natural acidity, not the canning liquid, helps to maintain them.

Home canned pears have a shelf life of about 12 to 18 months, Just store them  in a cool, dark place, of course. Otherwise, your pears will require little additional care. Simply enjoy right out of the jar or in your favorite recipes.

canning pears using the water bath method

Canning pears using the water bath method requires that your pears have a pH of 4.6 or below, pairs are high in acid and are generally safe for boiling water bath canning. If the pH is 4.7 or above, food is considered low in acid. Pears normally have acid levels between 3.6 and 4.0.  These acid level rules normally go for other fruits and vegetables as well. Just remember that lower pH levels mean higher acid levels and vice-versa.


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