Best Way to Start Tomato Seeds Indoors (or Outdoors)

In this video I’m going to show you the best way to start tomato seeds at home. Whether you’re starting tomato seeds indoors or starting tomato seeds outdoors, this video will show you everything you need to know to grow lots of tomatoes, not leaves. I will show you tomato garden hacks and simple instructions step by step for beginner gardeners or experienced gardeners. Getting a huge harvest starts with sowing the seeds correctly. I’ll walk you through my tomato hack that all but guarantees a summer full of big juicy homegrown tomatoes!

If you have questions about how to grow tomatoes, need help growing a vegetable garden, want tips for gardening for beginners, are looking for more gardening tips and tricks and “garden hacks” like this, have questions about vegetable gardening and organic gardening in general, or want to share some DIY and “how to” garden tips and gardening hacks of your own, please ask in the comment section below!


Neptunes Harvest Tomato and Veg
and Neptune’s Harvest Crap and Lobster

Seed Starting Mix:
ViparSpectra Grow Lights:
Heat Mat with Thermostat:

Complete Guide to Growing Tomatoes:

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