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Astrocartography: Where to Live – a New Kind of Astrology

The newest kind of astrology is astrocartography – where to live. The best place to live or move to is a popular and essential question these days. it is no wonder that many people want to know the answer based on their zodiac sign. Every city and country, has a birth chart. Just like every individual has a birth chart. Astrocartography examines your birth chart in relation to the birth charts of many places in the world. This  astrological analysis is purported to be able to help determine the best place for any individual to live.

astrocartography where to live


Where in the world would you have the greatest success – financially, spiritually, and emotionally? Where would you feel happy and safe? To answer these questions using astrocartography is not an easy process. It is much more complex and baroque than a normal astrological reading. The process analyses the birth chart of an individual in relation to the birth chart of geographical locations.

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Astrocartography has been around since the advent of personal computers. The first astrocartography programs were developed in the last decade of the 20th century.  Since then, Astrocartography has been a part of numerous expert astrological readings.  it is becoming more sought after and more relevant as the 21st century progresses. Computers have been a boon to astrology in general and to astrocartography specifically. Computers aid astrologers with the previously stated complexity of doing birth charts. Computers can help make sense and keep track of the many variables involved.  No one can prove astrology or astrocartography works. However, many professional astrologers and users claim that it does work. They enthusiastically say that it can be a valid tool for optimizing the health and happiness of those who apply it correctly.

Some perspective on astrocartography

Perhaps one caveat to getting an astrocartography reading is the idea that we should just ‘grow where we are planted’. Maybe we are where we are because we need to learn some specific lessons about life. Another adage that may apply is ‘wherever you go, there you are‘. It may be easier (and cheaper) to work on yourself before packing up for greener pastures. There is the possibility that you may bring some serious issues to wherever you go. You may then find that your new home is strangely like the one you just left. However, you may have already done much soul work.  You may have honestly found that living somewhere else is part of your future destiny. In such a case, perhaps a reading with astrocartography is the right next step.

Frankly, there is a lot of turmoil and chaos in the world today. No wonder many people are looking for a better place. Some folks are pouring over demographic and geological facts and figures. Others indeed are looking to things like astrocartography to help them make one of the most important decisions one can make: where to live.

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