9 Tomato Growing Tips (That Actually Work)

Tomato growing tips. After busting some tomato myths, it’s time to look at tomato growing tips that ACTUALLY work. Join @jacquesinthegarden @Fluent Garden and Kevin as they get into some of their favorite tips for juicy, sweet tomatoes.

00:00 – Intro
00:24 – Use Less Nitrogen When Fertilizing
01:21 – Fermenting Tomato Hack
02:56 – Ethylene Ripen Fruit
04:04 – Stagger Harvest Windows
05:31 – Planting Deep
06:44 – Topping Tomatoes
08:06 – Large Fruit = More Sun
08:57 – Cloning Your Tomatoes
10:18 – Growing More Varieties
11:18 – Bonus Hack


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