8 Tomato Seed Starting Tips For 2024

Its Almost Tomato Season! Which means its already seed starting time! No other crop is as beloved, or grown in our backyards, as tomatoes. As the snow and frost recedes, the window for planting your tomato seeds early indoors fast approaches.

In today’s video, I have 8 tips (plus some bonuses) for getting your tomato seeds started off right. Timing, soil, moisture, light, nutrients, you name it! Let’s grow the best tomatoes this year and make it happen by starting them with the best trajectory of growth!

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Hey, for those that don’t know, the website is now live! Check it out here, there’s going to be some exciting new things happening!: https://theripetomatofarms.ca/

2024 is the Year of the Garden! We deserve it after the last little while, and growing our own food and self sufficiency is just the reward we need to get back on track!

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