7 Easiest To Grow Vegetables For Beginners | Gardening 101

Wondering what to grow in your vegetable garden? Here are the top 7 easiest to grow vegetables for beginner gardeners plus gardening tips for how to start a vegetable garden. If you are just starting your vegetable gardening journey, this is your gardening 101 class. Whether your are urban gardening, growing vegetables on your balcony, organic gardening or container gardening, we will speak about each type of garden and which vegetables to grow. If you’re just getting started and you’d like to know how to start a vegetable garden, watch my how to build a vegetable garden video: https://youtu.be/1X6KvqPjk6I

I share my garden tips for how to grow tomatoes, how to grow cucumber, how to grow kale, how to grow lettuce, how to grow zucchini, how to grow cabbage, and how to grow herbs. So let’s start your vegetable garden now!

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