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Here’s an exclusive list of the Best Shrubs for Containers that you can display on a small patio, a rooftop garden, a balcony, or a big backyard!
Flowering Maple

It is also called “Indian Mallow” or “Flowering Maple.” Abutilon is a beautiful shrub that grows gorgeous hollyhock-like flowers.

“Pieris Japonica” is an excellent bush for container gardens. It can grow up to 2-4 feet tall with some attention and care.

This charming South African shrub grows in full sun and requires dry soil to thrive. A balcony, terrace, or patio facing south or West is perfect for this shrub.

Aster comes in a variety of colors and blooms prolifically. It is an easy-to-grow plant that blooms in summer and fall. Both annual and perennial types are available.
Spotted Laurel

Also called “Gold Dust” due to its speckled foliage, it is one of the best shrubs for containers. You can grow it for its beautiful foliage as its flowers are not as aesthetic.

Azalea is one of the most profusely blooming flowering plants. It requires moist soil, partial sun, and acidic soil to thrive.

This beautiful ever-blooming perennial shrub is vibrant and colorful and almost requires no care in tropical and subtropical areas. It needs full sun and dry soil to thrive.

Also known as Angel’s Trumpet, the flowers of this shrub smell great at night and attract pollinators. Growing it in pots is easy.
Butterfly Bush

Buddleia offers abundant flowering panicles in white to red through pink to purple or blue colors. Grow a dwarf variety in a large and deep pot.

The most adaptable and easy to grow shrub, boxwood is landscapers’ favorite and one of the best shrubs for the containers.

It has a bushy growth and stays compact, making it best for containers. If you want fruits, ensure it gets plenty of sun exposure.

A Beautiful shrub that attracts pollinators and looks exquisite in its bright red blooms, it also comes in other colors like purplish pink, lemon yellow, or white.

It is a beautiful flowering shrub, but when grown in pots, it becomes demanding. Camellia requires humus-rich acidic soil and regular maintenance.

Also called “Rockrose,” this evergreen Mediterranean shrub is tough and drought tolerant and thrives on neglect. It is suitable for pots and thrives in a sunny location.

It grows really well in pots and looks beautiful. Choose the sunniest location that is sheltered from drafts.

Cotoneaster is usually grown as a ground cover or in hedges in the gardens, but it can also be grown as a container plant. Choose a large container as this plant spreads a lot.

Keep the plant in partial shade and water it well in the summer as it loves moist soil. For blooms, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight.

If you’re searching for a tough, drought-tolerant shrub that loves to grow without maintenance, it is Elaeagnus. It is also suitable for planting in coastal areas.

A beautiful, decorative, and fragrant foliage plant with small tube-shaped flowers that come in white, pink, or red colors. Keep it in partial sun in warmer zones and under full sun in cooler zones.

Grow dwarf forsythia varieties in containers. They are not fussy about soil types but require a well-draining medium. Keep this fragrant plant in a location that receives plenty of sunlight.

Magnolias grow slowly, which means you can have one in the pot for a long time. But the best way to grow magnolia in a container is to buy its dwarf shrub variety.
Crepe Myrtle

The beautiful, vibrant, and colorful Crepe myrtle flowers bloom in abundance with proper care. Dwarf, shrub-like varieties are suitable for containers.

Beautiful shrub with stunning foliage and fragrant flowers, pittosporum fills the air with orange like a fresh breeze.

Stately and plump, Peony flowers are large and often fragrant, single or double petaled.

A Beautiful perennial shrub that grows up to 3-5 feet tall, Potentilla starts to flower from mid to late summer and blooms till late fall.

Planting shrub Roses in pots is a good idea. However, they require care and regular maintenance.

Rosemary is a highly aromatic perennial and a useful culinary shrub. Its beautiful blue-colored flowers and silvery-green foliage also make it an ornamental plant.

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