20 BEST Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs for CONTAINER GARDENING: Growing in the Garden

Looking for the best vegetables for container gardening? You’ve come to the right place. Container gardening is a simple way to begin gardening, add more space to an existing garden, or make a garden portable. Through the years I’ve grown many crops in containers, and these are my top picks for the 20 best vegetables (fruit & herbs too!) that grow well in containers.

Introduction 00:00
1. Tomatoes 00:18
2. Squash 00:43
3. Lettuce & Greens 1:07
4. Eggplant 01:22
5. Peas 1:33
6. Sweet potatoes 01:49
7. Carrots 02:02
8. Onions 02:13
9. Garlic 02:22
10. Peppers 2:33
11. Potatoes 2:54
12. Okra 3:10
13. Swiss Chard 03:22
14. Kale 03:31
15. Cauliflower 03:38
16. Cabbage 03:48
17. Strawberries 03:52
18. Citrus Trees 04:02
19. Fig Trees 04:24
20. Herbs 04:38

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