10 Best Fruit and Vegetables for Container Gardening | Guten Yardening

10 Best Fruit and Vegetables for Container Gardening | Guten Yardening

This season we will be growing more vegetables in containers. In fact, container gardening is a great addition to any traditional garden. In this video, we talk about 10 of our favorite fruits and vegetables to grow in containers.

We have found, in recent years, that growing vegetables in containers is a valuable and space saving addition to our garden, and it allows us a lot of flexibility and freedom as well. We have experimented with growing many vegetables in containers, but these are some of our favorites.

We base these favorites on ease of growing in containers, productivity, plant size, and more.

We think that you will find success growing any of these 10 fruits and vegetables in containers, and we hope you consider giving it a try.

If you have your own favorite vegetables that you like to grow in containers we would love to know what they are. Please leave us a comment and let us know.

Thank you for watching!

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